Be Wise Be Healthy and Be Positive

You Heard it, along with adulthood - and vision - the increase, of course you will never menyepelekan factor your health, right?

It was late. You're standing in front of an open refrigerator, sticky observe all the food in it. You're hungry, and it's like you can devour everything: white bread with peanut butter; piece of chicken thighs - minus the rice as you believers "sect" antikarbohidrat - and french fried fries that must be your first (umm, so back to you, there's always the option delivery fast food that had her number in speed dial) made his brownie cake and a glass of warm milk office; favorite instant noodles every citizen of this great land is now available in a variety of tastes. OR, you may choose a tropical fruit bowl; Papaya, watermelon, orange, cantaloupe, bananas, and so on. Hmm, why previous choice far more interesting, yes? But, on the one hand, your heart also cried, "I do not want to be faaaaat ...."

Meanwhile, as long as you kelimbungan consider what food selection will pass into the stomach, continues buzzing in his ears the words that you just flip this day: "When you're healthy, then the body will find themselves ideally weight, up or down." An concepts very evocative foreign because your mind (as is Cosmo!), for the motivation behind this new diet do not go far away from the mission of reducing the digits on the scale. So thin. Nope so fat. That ideal weight. But it never occurred to tuh main purpose so .... healthy.

"Yes, that's a major misconception is related to the diet, the emphasis always is, so thin," said Erikar lebang, yoga practitioner and author of Health Myths and Facts. "In fact, if the body healthy, and organ function all is perfect, then the ideal weight will even come by itself."

But, unfortunately, the majority of the time now - especially those living in urban areas - would likely choose not direpotkan or simply not ignore what foods are good for their good. Finally they turn to fast food and quick production (which you can easily get on the mini), the body slimming medicines that offer instant solutions. You may not feel the impact at this time, but beware your old time later.

There healthier fig Ways, ladies, and the trick is to know - and understand - what to eat, when to eat, and how to eat it. After reading this article, try opening your refrigerator door again - it's time to Rejuvenate!


Now, you stand at one of the supermarket aisle, confusion scrutinize food options offered. Be careful, dear, because according to many nutritionists, what you see is not actually food, but a "product" that has been processed in such a way that the content of vitamin and nutritional approach zero.

"The trend is quite lively comfort food today," said J. Michael Zenn in his book The Self Health Revolution. "People eat not because of hunger, but even for comfort. Hence, many of which turn increasingly to 'dead food', that kind of processed foods that are too intensive to no nutritional value at all for human wellness. We have to balance it with living food menu. "

What is included living food? You guessed it, all kinds of fruits, vegetables, and whole grains - are unprocessed. Organic is better, because it will ensure your food is free from pesticides, but even if difficult to get it, no need to worry, just make sure you clean it thoroughly under running water.

But, according to Zenn, not any coke occasionally consume dead food. The more you resist the temptation to try it out, the bigger your Craving - right, ice cream lovers? Just do not forget to eat your living foods afterwards ...

Prepare your FOOD

Yes, you may think that to eat vegetable dishes from the restaurant near the office enough nutrients you need. But you never know how hot right - and often - they cook the vegetables. In hot temperature 118 degrees Celsius, the vitamins contained in it will evaporate.

Cosmo understand, rhythm work is too dense to think of it, that's why, consider the balanced, with a complete dinner menu that the majority consisted of salad mix (romain lettuce, endive, peppers, baby kale, cabbage red, carrot - the choice is endless! ), sprinkle with olive oil (loaded vitamin E) or apple cider to taste. Even if it would be cooked or boiled, do not overheat it.

Needless transformed into coke vegetarian, if you prefer You can just add steam sliced ​​tuna. Become a flexitarian, according to Dawn Jackson Blatner in the book The Flexitarian Diet, "There will be menghilangi or so reduce what your daily menu, it will instead add fill your plate, especially with the variety of vegetables and fruits are more varied." Interesting, right?


Your body has a 24-hour cycle of physiological length called circadian rhythms, which are more or less similar to the rhythm of your daily activity: Wake up 6:00 hours, 07.00 breakfast, leave for work at 08.00, working 9-5 hours interspersed lunch hour. Well, the more you "observe" circadian rhythm - which means know the meal and rest time - the more smoothly your internal organs operate. Here's how it works ...

12:00 to 20:00. body time to absorb the food that suits their needs.

8:00 p.m. to 4:00 a.m. body processes food and discrimination which is good and bad.

04:00 to 12:00. "Waste process" removed from the body in the form of dirt, urine, sweat, or breath.


Chewing food is probably one of the things that many of you take for granted - do no need to hassle-repotlah linger chew (where there is time!), Anyway later also digested by the body. Wrong, ladies, it's a good chew thus can determine if you are friends with the toilet in the morning, which will remove all the toxins and "waste" food from the body. Try to chew your food well (including the software such as porridge) that is mixed with saliva and enzymes that can be produced up to digest the food.


So, based on the circadian rhythm, the following tips that qualifies as routine meal you ...

BREAKFAST. Put fruit on your plate, because the absorption of the fruit on an empty stomach will maximize. In addition, the "Content fructose (fruit sugar) into energy supplier very quickly and enzymatic secretions (trigger chemical reactions in the body) to help clean up piles of dirt on the large intestine," said Erikar. Do not make the fruit as a dessert because it will interfere with your digestion big meal. Them Better to eat before.

LUNCH. In the book Myths and Facts of Health, explains the unity Erikar compatible foods. "Unity between animal protein, plus vegetables and starches (rice) plus vegetables are very accurate," he said. "First because dense protein and animal fat by vegetable terimbangi, while the latter because both based carbohydrates - which are more easily digested combination." A big NO is essential and the menu just because animal protein has two different enzymes that "hostile" if the entry at a time.

DINNER. According sarkadian rhythm of the body, you must stop eating at 20:00, because this time your body will relax to slow the processing of all the incoming food. Therefore, lighten the task of the digestive organs with a light dinner menu, such as salads